Mayar Land Company

To import medicines, medical supplies, and cosmetics in full sales, as well as in tenders for import, registration, marketing, promotion, and distribution affairs.


We are well acquainted with the characteristics of the market and we introduce new varieties. We also import medicines that the market needs from Europe, India and the Middle East. We also have the ability to supervise the import and export of tools, plant preparations, foods, children’s needs and cosmetics.


We have good relations with the health authorities in the country. We also have a special team for registration and transactions. We also have employees who carry out the process of registering the medicine, approving its formulation, and the special formulation for each product, medicinal plant foods, and cosmetics.

marketing product manager holding marketing promotion plan

Marketing and promotion

We have good experience in the field of selling and marketing products, as well as strong relationships in the market through our knowledge of the strengths that we possess and the quality of the products that are promoted through our company’s brand. We also have the best promotional methods, as we distribute trial samples of the product so that they can confirm for themselves that it suits their needs. We also recently developed a question and answer site on the Internet where we can answer any inquiry you have, which makes you feel close to the company to your hearts.


We have an independent distribution department where we train, qualify, and provide technical support to distributors in order to enable them to build good relationships with customers and work to create demand for products. We also have high quality and effectiveness by providing safe and effective medicine of high quality and at reasonable prices by simplifying procedures and developing means of communication and facilitating Sales operations and procedures